• Portable bright fabric swing for backyard fun!
  • Made of comfy Teslin mesh fabric
  • Easy hang - simply sling the swing’s adjustable looped strap over a tree branch
  • Great to have on hand for camping excursions, play dates at the park, or road trips to Grandma's
  • Adult installation and supervision required
  • 125 lbs. maximum weight limit
  • Please do not leave outside for extended periods of time

Swing and soar wherever you bring this Easy-Go Sling Swing! Flexible and lightweight, it takes no room in the car, so you can bring it with you on your summer vacation, or on a day trip to Grandma's. It's so easy to set up-just find a handy branch and sling the swing’s easily adjustable, sturdy looped strap over it.

A simple, special way to celebrate fun and fresh air while camping, at the park, and in the backyard (but cannot be left outside for extended periods of time). Made of comfy Teslin mesh fabric. Adult installation and supervision required.

The easiest way to add swinging fun to your backyard!

Ages 4 and up.

Size: Approx. 21"L x 11"W

Weight Limit:

125 lbs.


Adult installation required.

Easy-Go Portable Fabric Sling Swing (Orange or Pink)

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